shaken, not stirred

Arsenal use tracking devices to spy on their players… sort of

There is no escape…


The best thing about the launch of a new product that is being promoted by lovely footballers is that the lovely footballers actually speak to people for longer than two seconds – as long as you carry a little paragraph at the end saying something [...]

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Monomaniacal Man

Sam Allardyce blames Arsene Wenger for his rubbish football reputation

Rubbish Shirt, Sam…


Remember when Arsene Wenger was first appointed Arsenal boss? Remember the whole ‘Bloody foreign managers, ay? Coming here and taking the jobs of good ol’ British managers and being rude and snotty about it. Discussing things like ‘tactics’ and other fancy concepts’?

Remember? REMEMBER?! Well it [...]

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Good news?

American guy takes over Arsenal. Nobody knows what it means

Stan Kroenke – it says on his badge


In a morning that has yielded very little in the way of interesting stuff about football related nonsense, the big news is that an American guy who owns a lot of Arsenal now owns a lot more of Arsenal.

American tycoon, [...]

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Dictatorship news

Arsene Wenger needs to stop talking very, very soon…

Big mouth strikes again…


There have been three distinct periods during Arsene Wenger’s time in charge of Arsenal.

First there was Le Professeur Period. People were whining about how he didn’t have enough passion and how he’d never cut it in the English game because he didn’t go mental [...]

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