Transfer Talk

Nicklas Bendtner’s DAD doesn’t fancy West Ham

Anyone who has ever dabbled in the murky world of “business” will know all about the power of a good meal when it comes to getting tricky deals done.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to news that Liverpool honcho John Henry has been spotted taking Luis Suarez for a pizza. That’s that one in [...]

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The Big Question

Hmm, does Denilson have a point about Fabregas?

It’s all been swept under the carpet now, with Cesc Fabregas insisting on Twitter that it was all just a big “misunderstanding” when Denilson stood in front of a journalist’s dictaphone quite clearly articulating that his captain, Cesc Fabregas, was NOT A VERY GOOD LEADER.

Sorry, slipped on the Caps Lock there. Anyway, yes, does he [...]

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Transfer Talk

Robin Van Persie linked with Real Madrid move…

A couple of bog standard lesbians


And lo, 19 years ago, Jonathan Ross held in his arms a little baby lesbian with the usual short hair and no make up. She has since grown up to be more the lipstick variety, with Ross outing her to the world on Gaydar Radio [...]

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Transfer News

Man City poised to rain on Arsene Wenger’s parade

The great shame about people with lots of money is that they tend to lose perspective, and splurge money not on things that they want or particularly need, but things that other, poorer people want.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to news that the Man City boardroom is reportedly preparing to up robes and [...]

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Transfer Talk

Another Dutch van man linked with Spurs, and more…

Kayla – in demand

Kayla Collins

In a less hoity toity recreation of the fight between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth over the bad female role model, Bridget Jones, today’s shocking relationship news is that the UK rapper Aggro Santos has taken a shine to Ashley Cole’s new girlfriend – [...]

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