Arsenal boss may regret Serie A baiting reaction to RVP rumours

So if Italian clubs are rubbish and Spain’s aren’t keen that leaves…


The Spoiler is often reluctant to direct its daggers at Arsene Wenger when he errs as there is so much to admire about him, but if he wants to go poking his tongue out at our favourite league then a line has clearly been crossed.

Admittedly, if one of his key Serie A criticisms relates [...]

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Transfer stuff

Defoe to Arsenal, Meireles out of Liverpool and more…

Make love…


Whenever there is ice hockey on the television, there are two things The Spoiler always wonders about. Firstly, how come the players always seem to be fighting and, secondly, how come they always take their helmets off to punch each other? Leave them on! You’ll get hurt!


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Transfer stuff

Sneijder not to Man Utd, Downing to Liverpool and more…

Cheryl – coming home


It’s not been a good couple of days for the people of Newcastle. First Geordie Shore goes on television and tars everyone with the moron brush and then Cheryl Cole gets kicked off American X Factor because apparently no-one can understand her.

At least the [...]

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Transfer stuff

Benzema to Arsenal, Nasri to Man Utd and more…

Lily – angelic


So, Kings of Leon singer, Caleb Followill, recently got married to Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge – congratulations!

Anyway, we haven’t got time to dwell on trivial matters like love and marriage – there’s plenty of interesting transfer stuff doing the rounds this morning that urgently [...]

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shaken, not stirred

Arsenal use tracking devices to spy on their players… sort of

There is no escape…


The best thing about the launch of a new product that is being promoted by lovely footballers is that the lovely footballers actually speak to people for longer than two seconds – as long as you carry a little paragraph at the end saying something [...]

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A poll!

Should Jack Wilshere go to the U21 World Cup with England?

Will we be seeing more of this?


The Spoiler has largely ignored this question until… Now! Mainly because we thought Stuart Pearce and his boys would have the common sense not to include Jack Wilshere in his squad for the Under 21 World Cup in Denmark this summer.

According [...]

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Monomaniacal Man

Sam Allardyce blames Arsene Wenger for his rubbish football reputation

Rubbish Shirt, Sam…


Remember when Arsene Wenger was first appointed Arsenal boss? Remember the whole ‘Bloody foreign managers, ay? Coming here and taking the jobs of good ol’ British managers and being rude and snotty about it. Discussing things like ‘tactics’ and other fancy concepts’?

Remember? REMEMBER?! Well it [...]

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