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New Arsenal youngster looks pretty tasty… Barca aren’t happy though



Arsenal. You gotta love them, don’t you? They play football the ‘right’ way, don’t spend stupid money on superstars and a lot of their players look sooooo cute you want to kidnap them and tie them up in a silk lined memory chest, taking them out occasionally to [...]

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Another great night

Wenger? Wilshere? Arshavin? Nah, Mourinho wins it for Arsenal…

God, he’s gorgeous


Well, that was pretty good wasn’t it? There may not have been any Brit awards or other such nonsense last night, but there was more than enough glitz and glamour and sexy stuff happening at the Emirates to make up for the lack of Justin Bieber.


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Transfer stuff

Adebayor to Madrid, a youngester to Man Utd, and more…

Katona – canoodling


Kerry Katona has been seen canoodling in the park with her Dancing on Ice partner Dan Whiston. Who cares? What’s the point in these stories? The Spoiler is going to comment on the Daily Mail website to show how little it cares… Ooh, she accessorised with [...]

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Too little too late?

Theo Walcott firmly shuts the stable door

Walcott does his talking – with his mouth

The Spoiler hasn’t been this confused since it watched No Country for Old Men on DVD last week – it’s [...]

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Boffin's Favourite

Arsene Wenger voted the best coach of THE DECADE

Wenger – delighted


The Spoiler often thanks sweet baby Moses for the very existence of statisticians. Without them, toiling away with magnifying glasses and tweezers, we’d be forced into doing research of our own. Bor-ring!

All of which leads very seamlessly to some interesting information from the International Federation of Football [...]

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Mystic Wenger

Is Arsene Wenger really a clairvoyant? Find out today…

With the Champions League draw due at some point this lunchtime – presumably after a few boring speeches and a totally unnecessary laser show – all will become clear as to the workings of Prof. Wenger’s mind.

As reported into all of today’s papers, he seems to KNOW that Arsenal will draw Barcelona.

“I know [...]

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