Andrey Speaks

Terrifying Andrey Arshavin fan asks rather curious question…

Arshavin – holidaying, but not forgotten

Andrey Arshavin

One man who will be very much missed during the World Cup is Arsenal’s gnome-like fashionista Andrey Arshavin. Such a gifted player, but – more than that – the greatest footballer/blogger in the known world.

For those who haven’t [...]

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Transfer Talk

Arshavin is off to Barcelona, suggests forgotten tabloid

Picture from last week reused for similar-but-different story


It’s so hard to find time for The People. You’ve got your News of the World for important five-times-a-night sex stories, then your Observer/Sunday Times to create the illusion that you might have been educated to degree level. The Mail on Sunday [...]

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Arshavin Speaks Again

I’d love to play for Barca, suggests wise man Arshavin!

Story depicted using Photoshop skills

Arshavin Barca

Wow, a double whammy of Andrey Arshavin news. No sooner had The Spoiler put the finishing touches on an intriguing piece about his views on car buying, then along comes a whopper from The Daily Mail.

With the transfer window looming on the horizon, [...]

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Funny Guy

Arshavin demands money back from apologetic flower seller

Flowers – lovely, but expensive


It wasn’t so long ago that The Spoiler was complaining about a serious lack of funny footballers. They all just seem so humourless, with their self-important haircuts, and their arms full of the most fashionable tattoos.

But one man seriously bucking that particular trend [...]

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