Transfer Talk

Is Arsenal’s most fashionable Russian off to Italy?

Ex-WAG, should-be-WAG?

Maria Fowler

It’s been a week in which Harrison Ford’s movie career faced a serious litmus test – could a Han Solo movie premiere still pull in the A Listers? In short, yes. Yes it could. Gaffney was there. So was Andre. Michelle Bass, McKeith, Katona. Plus [...]

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Little People

The Spoiler’s very tiny footballer XI

Including one of these chaps


If you think that height equates to success, then you are very wrong indeed. Look at Tom Cruise – he’s as small as a pigeon. Or Al Pacino – barely bigger than a packet of Embassy Filters (probably the dinkiest cigarette on the market). [...]

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News in brief

Maradona’s woes, Anderson’s woes, and other woes…

Is this the face of the next John Terry?

Nathan Baker

As the rest of the nation relaxes into the weekend – perhaps by unbuttoning a shirt down to the belly button, unbuckling those trousers, or drinking at your desk to signify the imminent arrival of FRIDAY NIGHT [...]

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