Ashley Cole is the only man classy enough to succeed John Terry

Well at least it’ll make it easier for you to scapegoat him come June


If he hadn’t cheated on the apparent greatest living Briton, used hyperbole to show disgust at Arsenal’s stinginess or shot someone with a rifle, would Ashley Cole really be a 20/1 outsider with William Hill to replace John Terry as England captain?

Take all the role model nonsense out of the equation – and why [...]

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So just who are Ashley Cole’s friends at Manchester City?

Ashley Cole in the company of several potential BFFs...


It’s not an opinion held widely at Spoiler HQ, but Whiteboard actually quite likes Ashley Cole.

An irrepressible urge to back the underdog stirs a degree of sympathy for a man who has become a national hate figure merely for being driven to distraction by an Arsenal contract offer, cheating on the third best looking [...]

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Betting info

Some excellent betting stats about tonight’s massive game

Imagine this, but with Torres in blue…


Manchester United face Chelsea this evening and it looks like being a bloody good game.

Fernando Torres loves playing against United, Chelsea have nothing to lose, United have Wayne Rooney available after recovering from an elbow injury sustained when James McCarthy [...]

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Absolutely mental weekend 1: Ashley Cole SHOOTS someone

No, Amir! Don’t do it! Remember Gareth Gates!


You’ve been happy before, right? Well remember back to the happiest you’ve ever been. Multiply it by about a million trillion and try to imagine what that feels like.

That feeling is probably close to how News of the World reporter [...]

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Transfer Stuff (ish)

Enrique to Liverpool, Cheryl and Ashley to Dubai, and more…

Cheryl and Cheryl cheryl.jpg

Fulham are hosting Chelsea this evening in a game that all sub-editors around the country are praying ends in a huge win for one of the sides so the ‘St. Valentine’s Day massacre’ headlines can be trotted out.

Anyway, Fulham have beaten Chelsea just once in [...]

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A controversial idea

Are we allowed to stop hating Ashley Cole yet?

Predicted first comment: “No”


Time is a great healer. However, it’s magic is unable to heal things like gunshot wounds or, it appears, that gaping, seeping chasm of a gash that is people’s hatred for Ashley Cole.

Earlier this week he was voted England’s player of the year and [...]

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