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Red faced shame rains down on Ashley Cole

Ashley’s ex upgrades…


Back in the olden days – before modern technology demanded that we all chart one another’s progress through life – a relationship would end, you’d cry yourself to sleep for a few weeks, and then convince yourself that either: a. She will never love again. Or b. She [...]

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Ashley Cole punched in the underpants by Google

Kayla Collins – Ashley’s future ex?

Kayla Collins

For all that is totally brilliant about modern technology, all of this advancement has a downside. Notably that it’s now damn near impossible to casually steamroller a whole host of women behind Cheryl Cole’s back and ever have [...]

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New Woman

You’ve got Ashley Cole all wrong, insists nudie model

Kayla Collins – very open minded

Kayla Collins

You’re all familiar with the thoughtful saying about people in glass houses not throwing stones. It’s a metaphor which works on two levels – both literally (it’d be a stupid thing to do), and figuratively (it means “don’t slag people off, [...]

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What do you need to say to get Cheryl Cole into bed?

(pic now works as a ghostly representation of the Coles’ marriage)


According to Cheryl herself, as told to omnipresent toff twat Piers Morgan, the only line Ashley needed was:

hey hotlips, nice bum

By God, they were a classy pair.

Here’s a bonus blind item from Mirror Football‘s [...]

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Cheryl Cole acts out revenge-fantasy against ex Ashley in new song



Right, there’s nowt else going on today, so let’s have a gossip about the nation’s rose Cheryl Cole!

Apparently she’s taken time out of a busy schedule spent catching malaria and receiving X Factor-related death threats to put her name to a song which has a right pop [...]

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Cheryl Cole plans to use her breasts to make a point

Chezza – feeling a bit better

Cheryl Cole

The glaring spotlight is both friend and foe to footballers and their wives/girlfriends. Such a welcomed warm intrusion when you’re on the up and up, more like a torch being shone in your face by a hysterical madman when you’ve just been humiliated by [...]

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Excellent List

A lovely gallery of pretty women scorned by footballers

A thrilling montage of Abbey Clancy:

Abbey Clancy 

What a rotten month Abbey Clancy must be having. So beautiful, so desired – and yet totally cheated on by a man whose shadow could win a Nosferatu lookalike competition.

Very much in the spirit of making Ms Clancy feel better, after the jump you’ll [...]

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