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10 Suggestions that could improve Ashley Cole’s profile

What can he do to make you love him?

Ashley Cole 

As reported in today’s Daily Mail, the honchos behind the scenes at Chelsea are keen to revitalise the public face of Ashley Cole. Club chairman, Bruce Buck, said this on the matter:

“He has just got to work a little [...]

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Transfer Talk

Carvalho’s off to Real Madrid, plus Arsenal man to Spurs

Bezzie mates

Mourinho and Carvalho 

The only noise of note coming from Manchester today is the soft Welsh lilt of Craig Bellamy’s voice as he discusses his future with himself in the mirror – presumably in the manner of Ben Kingsley’s Don Logan in Sexy Beast.

“You gonna quit, [...]

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Transfer Talk

The Saturdays, Karim Benzema for Ashley Cole, and…

Blue Top, Almost Ginger, Blondie, Tall One, and Frankie…

The Saturdays 

Just in case you were wondering, Frankie from The Saturdays is definitely not going out with Ashley Cole. Yes, they sometimes hang out at the same cool bars, like China Whites or Movida, but she’s totally in love [...]

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News in brief

Kaka’s knackered, Coleen’s tatt, A.Cole goes dancing

Plus this rather funny picture…


Those schooled in philosophy can talk endlessly about the true value of everyday objects. Is a pencil still a pencil when no one is using it? Likewise, is a transfer window still a window, even though nothing is going on?

Who knows?

Deep thinking [...]

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Transfer Talk

Ancelotti puts the kibosh on Ashley Cole deal…

Ancelotti – won’t let go

Ancelotti and Cole 

Of course, the biggest news doing the rounds is that the Man United midfielder, Anderson, pulled off a stunt of David Blaine proportions by walking away unscathed from a burning car.

For his next trick, he will presumably spend an [...]

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Real Madrid XI

Is this Jose Mourinho’s dream Real Madrid XI?

Not bad…

Real Madrid

There is still much speculation about which players might end up at Real Madrid come the end of next month – Ozil and Khedira have been linked with a move. Jose fancies Cole and Carvalho from his Chelsea days.

Might his starting XI end up looking rather [...]

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Transfer Talk

Beckham to West Ham, Cheryl Cole’s feeling better…

Cheryl Tweedy/Cole – on the mend

Cheryl Cole

Everyone relax. Calm down. Stop panicking! Cheryl Cole, as it happens, is going to be just fine. Her bout of Malaria was frightening, but she’s up and about now, and she’s even been SMILING. She wouldn’t have been able to do [...]

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A list

5 reasons why Ashley Cole should go to Real Madrid

Joke never gets old…

Cashley Cole 

The big news on the football grapevine is that Jose Mourinho is so keen to land Ashley Cole that he’s named him “number one target”, or some such.

Below you’ll find five good reasons why Ashley should probably go. Feel free to add [...]

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