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Which Spurs star was punched in the face in a restaurant?

David Bentley forced to chow down on a knuckle sandwich

David Bentley

Despite having a very punchable face, Tottenham star David Bentley nearly made it 24 years without someone punching him in the face. This all changed over the weekend, however, when someone punched him in the face:

The [...]

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Brekkin' the law

Djibril Cisse arrested for grabbing a woman by the throat outside a strip club

Sunderland striker gives us more reasons to dislike him

Diamonds Strip Club

A surprise managerial appointment wasn’t the only controversial thing to happen in Newcastle last night, no thanks to Sunderland forward Djibril Cisse.

The heavily-tattooed star, on loan from Marseille, frequented Newcastle’s Diamonds club, an establishment which [...]

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