They want their Villa back, but what defines Aston Villa-ness?

Not the man affectionately known as the dirty Bluenose b******


Alex McLeish was predictably lampooned as Aston Villa endured their fifth 0-0 draw with a bottom-half rival this season away to bottom club Wigan.

And along with the bland, worn-out cries of “you don’t know what you’re doing” came a chorus that similarly unpopular predecessor Gerard Houllier was once treated to: “we want our Villa [...]

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Anyone know who subtle Paul Scholes was talking about?

Reserved former star wades into debate about England failure

Paul Scholes

The Spoiler has previously challenged the widely-held view that Paul Scholes’ career-long shyness in the media was an indication that he was the ultimate professional, instead arguing that it could be because he has a tendency to talk [...]

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Is Liverpool target Stewart Downing a £20 million player?

The reasons why Aston Villa feel entitled to demand a big sum

Stewart Downing

Both the BBC and Sky Sports agree that Liverpool had a £15 million bid for Stewart Downing rejected because Aston Villa are hoping to recoup £20 million for the winger. It sounds extortionate, but Villa [...]

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legal action

Birmingham City are really not happy with Alex McLeish and Aston Villa

In simpler days…


Bloody hell, Birmingham City are not letting this one lie are they? If Alex McLeish and Aston Villa thought the signing of a contract this morning would be the end of the Battle of Birmingham, they’ve got another thing coming.

Here’s a terrifying statement posted on [...]

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Controversial news

Alex McLeish is in a whole world of trouble with Birmingham

The Villa lot don’t seem too happy either…


Workers rights is something The Spoiler feels passionately about so we’re a bit conflicted with the whole Alex McLeish quitting thing – if he wants to resign and go for another job then surely he should be able to?

HOWEVER! [...]

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Manager transfer news

McLeish needs to watch his back and McClaren has to drop down a level

The new Aston Villa boss…


Alex McLeish has put the cat amongst the pigeons, the fox in the hen house and the sh*t in the fan by leaving Birmingham – despite the Blues sticking by him after he somehow managed to get them relegated.

Even worse than that, he [...]

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wedding news

Man Utd’s Ashley Young cancels his wedding – fiancé thrilled

How not to deal with getting jilted…


Well, that’s the final nail in Ashley Young’s claret and blue coffin, innit? The England winger/striker/forward has cancelled his wedding to childhood sweetheart, Nicky Pike, just two days before the party was going to kick-off.

The £200,000 ceremony at somewhere near Watford [...]

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