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Some more words of wisdom from Stephen Ireland

Thanks to Spoiler reader, Phil…


It’s been a golden week at Spoiler HQ – there’s been so much going on! Shootings! Failed drugs tests! Calamitous goalkeeping! Fergie rants! A team member bringing in Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

Unfortunately, some of the stories have been so perfect in every way that [...]

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Betting Information

Make money during Darren Bent’s Aston Villa debut

OMG he joined Villa! When did THIS happen?

Darren Bent

So far, the big story from this January’s transfer window has been that of Darren Bent joining Aston Villa. Many years from now, people will no doubt write poetry, songs, or even make movies about it. Alternatively, people won’t [...]

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Transfer Talk

Another Dutch van man linked with Spurs, and more…

Kayla – in demand

Kayla Collins

In a less hoity toity recreation of the fight between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth over the bad female role model, Bridget Jones, today’s shocking relationship news is that the UK rapper Aggro Santos has taken a shine to Ashley Cole’s new girlfriend – [...]

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Transfer Talk

Wayne Bridge forced to resume football classes, and more…

Rihanna – inappropriate


Clearly still reeling from being totally out-slutted by Aguilera on the X Factor, beautiful pop thing Rihanna upped the raunch stakes – according to today’s Sun newspaper – by teasing a street photographer to a presumed semi-erection by revealing her New Year’s Resolution: “sex”.

In less sweaty news, here’s what [...]

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The Sack Race

Make money out of a sacked manager’s utter dismay

Long since gone are the days when a manager would be given time to get things right, and at last count roughly half of all Premier League bosses were rumoured to be nervously sniffing glue in a bid to silence the self-doubting voices in their minds.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to the current sack race, [...]

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