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Cruel Atletico fans ruin homeless man’s day

Hmmm, this seems rather mean

Don’t be fooled by the romanticised accounts of vagrancy from books like Stig of the Dump or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, because the [...]

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Oh great, that meanie Diego Forlan made Lily Allen cry

Allen – with ker-razy pink hair!

Lily Allen

If you need a little memory jog, Lily Allen is Kieth Allen’s little girl – the one who sings profound songs about normal things, like drinking a mug of PG Tips, or laughing at the size of her boyfriend’s penis. Basically [...]

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Fulham put on a brave show, but Madrid nab it

Atletico Madrid 2-1 Fulham

For those of you still struggling to come to terms with a fifth terrestrial channel – which, by the way, doesn’t seem convinced by HD [...]

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Great night for Fulham. Liverpool – less so

Fulham 2-1 Hamburg

For those of you too busy watching the repeat of the recent political debates, in which Gordon Brown would punctuate his sentences with sharp gurning toad-like breaths, Fulham were busily [...]

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