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Robbie Savage’s weird pre-match ritual REVEALED!

Savage – done a book

Robbie Savage

BONUS GAME: Can you name the man to the left of Savage – the one with what looks like a classic “bubble perm”? Let us know in the comments section.

Anyone who has ever played drunk football will attest to the fact that while you [...]

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Literary News

Former West Ham star writes autobiography in prison

Mark Ward makes good use of his time behind bars

Mark Ward

During a career that spanned through the eighties and nineties, Mark Ward notched up an enviable list of achievements: he played in Wembley cup finals, scored in Merseyside derbies for his hometown club Everton, and came within [...]

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WAG Watch

Footballers fear Danielle Lloyd autobiography

Serial WAG threatening to publish her shameless exploits

In a recent survey, it was revealed that approximately 101 per cent of Premier League footballers had boffed not-a-racist glamour model Danielle Lloyd (there’s a one per cent margin of error).

The 25-year-old topless model has made the front page of the Daily Star today [...]

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Bad Reputation

Craig Bellamy says: “Don’t Google Me”

Manchester City star suggests “headline” for autobiography

Craig Bellamy says: “Don’t Google Me”

To put it lightly, Craig Bellamy is a little “hot-headed”. Aware that his past is chequered with golf club attacks, night club fights, chair hurling, fake injury threats, racially-aggravated assault and beating [...]

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Please Stop Talking

William Gallas churns out more stage managed comments

This time, former Arsenal captain slags off Chelsea

William Gallas’ Autobiography

Wondered why William Gallas has been doing so much whining and badly disguised finger pointing in the press this month? It all seems to have been carefully orchestrated to promote his autobiography La parole est à la [...]

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