Seven of the Premier League’s most flashy custom-kitted supercars reviewed

We use the term ‘supercar’ loosely, considering one’s a VW Touareg


If it’s one thing that professional footballers love more than crashing high-powered cars into immovable objects, it’s wasting thousands of pounds on pimping those cars out beforehand.

Yianni Charalambous obviously noticed this way before any of us and [...]

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The Spoiler’s Premier League XI v La Liga XI: which is best?

Which division would triumph in an MLS All-Stars style match?

The Spoiler’s Premier League XI ———————————————————————————————————————-The Spoiler’s La Liga XI

The Spoiler was surprised by the results of yesterday’s poll, where 76% of you disagreed with

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Even More Arsenal news

William Gallas reveals big problems in the Arsenal team

Sulky captain complains about complaining team mates

William Gallas

It seems that Arsenal’s disappointing start to the season isn’t only down to Professor Wenger’s mismanagement – captain William Gallas has revealed the team are squabbling like a bunch of school girls:

“When, as captain, some players come up to [...]

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Tony Pulis hits back at Arsene Wenger’s “cowards” jibe

Stoke boss quotes Abraham Lincoln in website riposte

“Most Managers up and down the country are very protective of their Football Clubs and that protection is usually at its height in “after game interviews”, where we defend our team’s performances and our players’ mistakes in every way possible – from blaming referees not [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Is it time for Arsenal to part with Arsene Wenger?

Has the professor finally lost the plot?

Arsene Wenger

For years he has had one of the safest jobs in the Premier League, yet this season Arsene Wenger has seen a great deal of the Arsenal faithful calling his mystical abilities into question (indeed, a phone-in discussion between fans [...]

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