Prize Winner

Messi runs away with the Ballon d’Or

A fine little player, says Europe

As predicted, Lionel Messi absolutely cruised it to the European Footballer of the Year title, scoring 473 out of a possible 480 points, [...]

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News in brief

No room at the inn for the Irish FA, and transfer news…

Plus, some back-patting for this little chap… presumably

Lionel Messi 

Like a spotty teenage asthmatic wearing his dad’s suit, standing outside a nightclub in the rain, literally begging the bouncers to let him in even though he has no proof of identification, the Irish FA have apparently been pleading with Sepp [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Will Cristiano Ronaldo regret moving to Real Madrid?

Could C-Ron’s dream move end up being a nightmare?

Cristiano Ronaldo

“After Manchester United it is downhill.” Those are the words that David Gill last month claimed to have heard roll from the tongues of many former Old Trafford employees (although presumably not Gerard Pique!).

The example [...]

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