Balotelli wears a hat that looks like A GLOVE!

Via our pals at Dirty Tackle


Lest you ever forget that Italy is the home of cutting edge fashion, here is Mario Balotelli to blow your mind with a wonderful new hat. It’s known in the trade as “Arctic Jamiroquai”, or simply “a bloody massive glove”.

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National Treasure

James Milner raises a finger to the nasty weather

Milner, and some wuss wearing gloves

James Milner

Amongst the various winners making up Man City’s team last night, one man stood head and shoulders above the rest. No gloves, no Ashley Young neck-warming contraptions, no John Barnes 1980s leggings.

Just James Milner, and a short sleeved shirt - screw [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man City money splurge, and bad news for Aaron Lennon

The billionaire’s Crouch

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Those looking to have their minds completely blown would be wise to click here, and take on a spooky internet genie, who seems able to infiltrate your actual thoughts. So long as you’re thinking about a movie character.

And in other important news, [...]

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Transfer Talk

More transfer window movement from Man City

Mr Flashy wants loads more money, please


That’s “movement” in the very broadest sense of the word. The same sense that finds old women hunched over with their noses mere centimetres from the ground travelling from A to B at around a thirtieth of normal human velocity.

No. This [...]

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