The Spoiler Awards – Match of the Season



Now that all the proper football has finished and we’re left with a summer of reading how Cesc Fabregas will be off to Barcelona any minute and that Man City have bid £3.2billion for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, The Spoiler thought it would be a good time to have a [...]

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day tripper

Wembley looks very pretty ahead of the Champions League final



Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a very special article. For one week only The Spoiler is coming to you ON A SATURDAY!

That’s right, while the rest of you are sitting about eating bacon sandwiches and making your plans for tonight’s Champions League final, The Spoiler is working [...]

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Que Sera, Sera

The Spoiler is off to Wembley for Barcelona and Man Utd press day!


Yea, we don’t know how it happened either but, thanks to our lovely Dutch friends at Heineken, The Spoiler will be spending today at Wembley having a little look around and going to press conferences and stuff – like real journalists do!

However, because you’ll be able to read [...]

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wheeler-dealer news

Harry Redknapp knows his onions when it comes to spotting talent

Here’s everyone’s favourite likely lad Harry Redknapp giving his opinion on the best player in the world, Lionel Messi:

“He’s a skinny runt who looks nothing like a modern-day footballer really.

“He has funny little legs that move awkwardly when he runs and if he turned up at your club as a 16-year-old, you’d send [...]

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prediction news

Gary Lineker finally says something interesting!

Gary Lineker – Intellectual 


Having spent the last decade on the Match of the Day sofa doing everything in his power not to say anything that could construed as ‘interesting’ or ‘informed’, Gary Lineker has finally come out and said something that has made us sit up and [...]

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Controversial news

Adriana Lima is not all that compared to football

Lima – pah!


Being a LAD these days is hard work, innit? What with eating loads of man crisps, drinking blue alcopops, having BANTER with our LAD mates and wishing we were Danny Dyer, it’s a wonder we have time for anything else.

Well we do have time for [...]

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