Clive Tyldesley reckons Match of the Day is doing just fine

Commentator defends recent criticism


First off, Clive Tyldesley has a blog! The Spoiler assumes it’s been kept quiet so as to avoid the Internet being brought to its knees by a tide of abuse. Anyway, in his latest post, Red Clive has lent his support to Match of the [...]

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Fergie will be fined every week until he makes up with the BBC

The Beeb is missing moments like these…


In a story that in no way highlights the worrying detachment from reality brewed by combining money with football, 68-year-old millionaire Sir Alex Ferguson is continuing his yawnsome beef with the BBC, refusing to give post-match interviews even with the threat [...]

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Excellent List

10 important lessons learned from World Cup 2010

Such as, “be more tolerant of octopuses”


And so it was that the World Cup came to a rather messy halt. It’s been an uppy-downy tournament, thanks to disappointing superstars, weird new balls, and a final that found the Dutch looking for a fight.

But it’s not all been [...]

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John Motson reveals how he broke his foot at World Cup ’94

ITV commentary team take note: this is passion


Despite getting on a bit and often finding himself prone to bouts of confusion over simple things like a goal-kick or a forward pass, John Motson is still one of the nation’s greatest football commentators (a fairly sad indictment on [...]

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The Big Question

Hey MOTD2, how about Danny Baker for the job?

He’d be great, no?

Danny Baker

The big television talk today appears to be all about the contenders to plug the Adrian Chiles shaped hole at the BBC, following his rather dramatic two-fingered flounce over to ITV. There are whispers of the little one from Top Gear perching [...]

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