Sand Man

Robinho puts a beach in the garden of his mansion

Manchester City star brings Copacabana to Cheshire

Robinho’s beach

Foreign Premiership players each have their own way of treating home sickness – Ryan Babel collects clogs, Tim Cahill likes to relax among his stuffed koalas and Cristiano Ronaldo does it with prostitutes.

Robinho has devised his own way [...]

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Ronaldo's Ex Lover

Nereida is back… kind of

Hands up who used to fancy this buxom young chap..

Remember Nereida Gallardo? She was the sturdy young thing who spent the most part of the Spring enduring Cristiano Ronaldo’s endless French kisses. She had the look of a fantastic WAG about her, the pair were spotted getting off on yachts, sun loungers, beaches, on [...]

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A woman scorned

Nereida goes topless… again

Someone needs a new lover…

Well, that Nereida Gallardo’s at it again – stomping around on beaches showing the world her bosoms. As reiterated on numerous occasions, The Spoiler has a degree in womanology, and she’s showing all the signs of a lady pining for her ex: showing off her bod,

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A woman scorned

Nereida Gallardo takes her top off to make a point

And we know exactly what it is…

As mentioned many times before, The Spoiler is a woman expert. We can read all the signals – the sighs, the yelling, the weeping in the bathroom, the kissing. Hence, when Nereida Gallardo parades her bosoms about a Mallorcan beach, we know exactly what she’s up to – [...]

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Germans Holidaying

Jens Lehmann gets sexual

If in doubt, use the tongue


As anyone who has ever lingered in a changing room after a football match already knows, the conversations are pretty racy. You start with a rundown of the game, then before you know it you’re exchanging sex tips and doing that thing with [...]

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Fun in the Sun

Cristiano Ronaldo swaps Nereida for beach toys

Man Utd star straddles his other inflatable plastic friend

Cristiano Ronaldo and a deer

Showing his obvious fondness for ‘frolicking’, the world’s vainest man got to grips with a purple and yellow deer thing yesterday while enjoying the Sardinian coastline.

While C-Ron’s regression to a childlike [...]

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