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3 things we learnt from last night’s football

Better late than never

Thumbs up folks

1. England have a good first XI. Spain have a very good squad

Starting last night’s match in Bosnia without Ramos, Xavi, Torres or Villa, Spain still smashed five past a side who were unbeaten at [...]

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Happy Huckerby

There’s a new sheriff in town! Um, it’s Darren Huckerby…

Former Coventry and Norwich star living it up in California


Darren Huckerby was the inspiration behind Coventry finishing 11th in the 1997/98 Premier League, and since then he has floated around at Leeds, Manchester City, Nottingham Forest, Norwich, and now San Jose in America. Such has been his immediate [...]

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Big Fashion Eye

Steven Gerrard assembles himself correctly

Footballer in normal clothes shocker

Stevie G

The Spoiler’s love for Gerrard is deep. Real deep. Not just because he plays great football, we love him because he behaves as a sportsman should. For example, when left to his own devices, he has no idea what to wear.


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