Legal issues

Jermain Defoe held in police cells for five hours

Spurs star wrongfully accused of driving violation

Jermain Defoe

Yesterday, the Tottenham squad flew off to Beijing for a pointless money-spinner pre-season friendly with West Ham, but Darren Bent was hauled off the plane at the eleventh hour as his switch to Sunderland finally went through. The underperforming hitman, [...]

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Gaucho Watch

Ronaldinho asked a Swedish footballer to marry him

The hopelessly romantic Brazilian found love in Beijing

Ronaldinho’s marriage proposal

Tubby Brazilian star Ronaldinho had a relatively unspectacular Olympic tournament, but he made an effort to spice it up by asking 24-year-old Swedish footballer Johanna Almgren to marry him.

The thoroughly romantic AC Milan man popped the [...]

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Wheely Nice Lady!

Steamy Olympian Number 9: Victoria Pendleton

Woman doesn’t need reflective strip to get noticed…

Victoria Pendleton

When people spoke of the future in olden times, their stories were cluttered with images of strange aerodynamic helmets, skin tight outfits fashioned from spandex, and zany metallic machines with wheels, handlebars, and a bell. What those prehistoric prophets [...]

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Saucy Swimmer

Steamy Olympian Number 8: Stephanie Rice

If she were a fish, she’d have gills

Fans of the 1984 romantic comedy Splash (SPOILER ALERT: Tom Hanks becomes sexually attracted to a demi-fish) know just how sensual great swimmers can be. In that movie, the magnificent underwater flirt was Daryl Hannah, and in real life, it’s an Australian woman called Stephanie Rice – [...]

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Speedy Hero

Olympic Flashback: Jesse Owens merks Hitler

Man smears powdered egg in Nazi faces

There was so much wrong about Hitler – the indie kid haircut, the Chaplin moustache, the ill fitting suits. Not to mention his massive racism issues and war waging. What was with that, Adolf? Seriously. Anyway, [...]

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Agile Lady

Steamy Olympian Number 7: Alicia Sacramone

Girl scratches forehead with toe…

Alicia Sacramone

Seriously guys, don’t ever get into a fight with a gymnast. They might look all cutesy with their tight clothes and great posture, but these people are all muscle and rage. They breakfast on raw eggs, they lunch on raw steak, and [...]

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