Place Your Bets, Please

Spread betting preview: England/ Belarus

World Cup Qualifier, Tonight, 8pm, ITV1, bet here

Belarus/ England

The road to South Africa has been uncannily smooth for a side that couldn’t make it to the Euro 2008 starting line, with spread punters who got with Don Fabio’s side generally happier than those who [...]

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Important England lessons from the Belarus game…

Has everyone got a pen? Take notes, people

Rooney and Heskey

After a miserable 5-1 victory over the weekend, it was nice to see England produce something close to decent footie. Rooney – now sprouting terrifying neck hair – had a stonker, the England fans were so [...]

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In Case You Missed It

Video: Belarus/ England highlights

Three Lions nab fourth consecutive win in Minsk

Since the dawn of time, man has pondered whether Stevie G and Lampsie could play in the same team, and last night in the former Soviet nation of Belarus, [...]

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Another big question

VOTE: Alan Green – Champion of the underdog? Or prat?

This man divides opinion…

Alan Green

The big talk over at the Daily Mail this week is that 5 Live‘s Alan Green is quite breathtakingly babyish, and he can’t even travel on the same flight as Mark Saggers to tonight’s Belarus game, because things have become [...]

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Send in the clowns

Rio Ferdinand won’t miss the WAG circus…

.. but we sure as hell will

“If I’m honest, we became a bit of a circus in terms of the whole WAG situation,” said Rio Ferdinand at yesterday’s press conference, with a totally straight face.

What is he talking about? These clowns are the best around, with their endless shopping bags, enormous haircuts, and [...]

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