A big old list

A load of things and people that defined 2010

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, one and all. May 2011 be met with a bunch of pointless resolutions that’ll go flying out of the window within a week!

To celebrate, after the jump, you’ll find a rather higgledy-piggledy summation of the year just gone, consisting [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man City prepare massive bid for angry Steven Gerrard

Gerrard – at tipping point?

Steven Gerrard 

After a very disappointing season, if Alan Hansen is to be believed, it’s time for Liverpool to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. And in rebuilding terms, £100million or more for a couple of sales doesn’t sound like a [...]

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Transfer Talk

Real Madrid look keen to land Steven Gerrard

Xabi and Stevie – together again?

Alonso and Gerrard

And so, after all of that, it looks like the General Election was a draw. Or something. If anyone actually knows who the Prime Minister is, please let everyone know with a comment – written in simple terms, please.


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Weekend Update

Real’s new managerial shortlist, Cesc to Man City…

Plus, these guys look to be sodding off

Hicks and Gillett

And so the sun decided to come out for the weekend, giving rise to a wholly unnecessary carnival atmosphere. Even the most microscopic areas of roadside grass were awash with men and women gently folding salami [...]

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