News in brief

Old face returning to United, trouble at Liverpool…

 Everyone, this is Owen… Owen… Everyone

Owen Hargreaves

Of course, the big news today is that Jordan has married another man – this time, the one with the botched up ears that look like big discarded tea bags. You know, the fighty bloke who suffered daily humiliation at the [...]

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Transfer Talk

Liverpool fancy van Nistelrooy, but no one fancies Babel

Hey Ruud, why the long face?

Ruud van Nistelrooy

It’s a tale of two Dutchmen over at Anfield, as Liverpool attempt to untangle their season by offloading a few bad apples, whilst simultaneously bringing in a proven set of scoring slippers.

The word from today’s Daily Mail is [...]

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Reformed character

Has Rafa Benitez gone soft?

Why so coy Mr Benitez?

Hello everybody

There were occasions last season, when it was  impossible to open a newspaper or turn on a televison, and not be confronted with Rafa Benitez chatting about something or other. He was the footballing equivalent of Paul Ross on one [...]

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Hands Across the Water

Jose has a go at Rafa & Arsene

Is the Special One honing his act to replace Fergie?

Lets be friends

Inter Milan will almost certainly win Serie A this season. Their two biggest rivals, Milan and Juve, are both managed by men who before August, had taken charge of a [...]

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Merseyside Derby

Oh dear, looks like Everton are going to beat Liverpool

A city comes together united under one banner… well, two

Merseyside Derby

Oh, everything’s been going wonderfully well at Anfield – The Reds finally beat Manchester United, and got their Champions League and Carling Cup campaigns off to a winning start. Just don’t mention Stoke, nobody needs to mention [...]

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