Transfer Talk

Spurs take on Man United, and Glen Johnson’s off

Prince William – getting a moment’s peace

Prince William

In a chilling glimpse into the future, Queen Katie spent a lonely afternoon watching reruns of Your Face or Mine on Dave, whilst King William sloped off to the football with his mates. With a pulled down baseball cap where a crown [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: France

A few of these, plus Ribery


The World Cup profiles continue, and today The Spoiler is looking at the French. Only a small strip of water separates the nations, and yet, culturally, they seem to be gazillions of miles away. Who ARE these people? Read on to find out… 


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Breaking News

Clear evidence that Rooney will be playing for Real next season

Story depicted using Photoshop wizardry

Rooney Real Madrid

Now, don’t everyone freak out, but some startling new evidence that Rooney might yet head for sunny Spain has emerged, thanks to the popular Spanish website

Apparently, the England man was over in Barcelona shooting an advert for [...]

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Selfless Act

VIDEO: Assist of the season?

Benzema gets handed one on a platter

In the current climate, it’s nice to find a footballer who is happy to forsake his own needs for personal pleasure in [...]

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