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Liverpool eye up Bolton man, Cisse set to return to England…

Leslie Nielsen – RIP

Leslie Nielsen

The Spoiler’s various social networking spots have today been awash with people doing those hilarious surely/Shirley mix up jokes that most probably became the bane of Leslie Nielsen’s life – only this time in reference to the fact that he’s just died. As [...]

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Showbiz news

Dimitar Berbatov thumbs his nose at conventional suits

Berbs – edgy


To save those who weren’t invited from the crippling embarrassment of not being there, here’s a glimpse into the glamourous proceedings from last night’s United for UNICEF dinner at Old Trafford, which found football stars mingling with It’s All About Soap winners, whilst simultaneously healing a selection of the [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man United consider swapping Berbatov for Buffon

Buffon (left), Berbatov (right)

Buffon and Berbatov

More fountains of Diet Coke came spuring from mouths and nostrils this morning with word in The Sun that I’m A Celebrity maniac Gillian McKeith dumbfounded ITV producers by bellowing “I’m pregnant” in a bid to escape her makeshift jail sentence.

The mental [...]

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Transfer Talk

Barcelona want Micah Richards… yes, seriously

Micah – dream move?

Micah Richards

There’s been total uproar in showbusiness world, with news that Wagner – the South American Mickey Rourke who sings like a man on a treadmill reading from an autocue – isn’t only surviving the X Factor, but he’s looking like a genuine threat to win [...]

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Spurs take on Man United, and Glen Johnson’s off

Prince William – getting a moment’s peace

Prince William

In a chilling glimpse into the future, Queen Katie spent a lonely afternoon watching reruns of Your Face or Mine on Dave, whilst King William sloped off to the football with his mates. With a pulled down baseball cap where a crown [...]

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Turks eye up Berbs, and der Kaiser says something weird

The obligatory unrelated royal photograph


Of course, like everyone else, The Spoiler has spent the last couple of days weeping happy tears because Prince William isn’t going to be a lonely king. On the contrary, he’ll have the beautiful seductress Queen Kate by his side holding a serpeant, sensually whispering [...]

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