Transfer Talk

Gerrard wants OUT, Barca/Arsenal stand off…

 ”Yeah, not bad”

Rafa and Gerrard

For anyone who loves television programmes, you might have noticed that the BBC decided to cash in on WAG culture by sending a pretty mob of football sex partners to Africa, in a rather honourable mission to raise awareness about [...]

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Transfer Talk

Liverpool to sell Aquilani, United to sell Berbs…

Well, that went well


Wow, it’s weird to think that it was less than a year ago that the people of Liverpool were busily attempting to correctly pronounce the word “Aquilani” without hacking up too much phlegm, thanks to their strange local dialect – known in the trade as “Carragher”. Well, [...]

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Oh great, now Berbatov’s injured or something

Are United ready to see the back of this man?


When he was jacuzziing himself in his shiny North London bathroom after a hard day at Spurs, young Dimitar Berbatov must have been daydreaming about the glitz and glamour of Manchester life.

The soft grey skies, the warm, sensual gravy oozing from the corners of [...]

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