Sore Losers

Barcelona turn on sprinklers to dampen Inter celebrations

“Activate water!”


Of course, the law dictates that you can’t just shoot people in the face for getting on your nerves any more, so, in riot situations, cops tend to borrow big boa constrictor hose pipes from their buddies in the fire brigade to defend against protestors. The results [...]

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Feeling Cocky

Barcelona already making plans for the final!

“It’s in the bag!”


As anyone who loves awards shows will tell you, there is such a thing as a foregone conclusion. That’s why actors and actresses tend to take to the stage, whimper something about how they “really weren’t expecting this”, before reciting an astonishingly detailed speech about [...]

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CR9 Arrives

Cristiano Ronaldo makes his Bernabeu debut

Nearly 80,000 fans turn up to greet world’s most expensive player

Cristiano Ronaldo

If you thought the media fanfare surrounding Kaka’s unveiling was excessive, it was nothing compared to the spectacle that saw Cristiano Ronaldo welcomed to Real Madrid.

Just under 80,000 fans piled into the [...]

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Press Conference

50,000 people turn up to see Kaka unveiled at Real Madrid

Los Blancos show the world one of their new employees

Kaka and his number 8 shirt

Last night, Real Madrid held a press conference to unveil their second biggest summer signing, some chap called Kaka. Around 50,000 ‘madridistas’ piled into the Bernabéu for a [...]

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Real's New Lass

Diarra could be regretting his Madrid transfer already

Look what they’re putting on the back of his shirt

Lassana ‘Lass’ Diarra

The picture may look like a bad photoshop (the name isn’t even in the middle!), but  Lassana Diarra genuinely paraded his new shirt at a Bernabeu press conference today. To avoid confusion with Real Madrid [...]

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