WAG of the Day

WAG No. 154: Galilea Montijo

The Mexican beauty who definitely doesn’t have a sex tape

Joining fellow Mexican model Elsa Benítez in the WAG of the Day hall of fame is the terribly good looking Galilea Montijo. The 35-year-old actress and bikini connoisseur is famous in her home nation for appearances in television shows [...]

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The Future

Big Chelsea and Ronaldo news

Tomorrow’s headlines today

Look at you, sitting there, gorging yourself on all things Big Brother. You need to take some time out for football, friend. Here’s all the big news from the day after today. Otherwise known as “tomorrow”…

Portsmouth want Ronaldo No, the world hasn’t gone completely bananas, Cristiano isn’t desperate to [...]

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Welcome back to Civvy Street, Joey Barton

Oooh, look who’s back…


Fingers crossed, after 74 days languishing in a depressing prison cell, Joey Barton might stop and think before he decides to slam his bloodied fists into innocent people’s faces again. Today, he can breathe his first taste of fear-free air, having surely spent the last [...]

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Brothers from different mothers

David Villa looks to UK Big Brother for style tips

Look, they’ve got the same facial hair!

David Villa and Anthony from BB

For those who don’t spend their summer’s locked away in a sweltering lounge, silently watching the Big Brother housemates sleeping on E4′s live streaming, Anthony Hutton was the sex mad little oik [...]

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Happy B'Baller

Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett loves Chelsea

NBA forward unnecessarily thrilled about receiving free garment

American netball fans are currently engrossed in the NBA Finals, where Kevin Garnett’s Boston Celtics are attempting to throw more balls into some small elevated hoops than the LA [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 97: Imogen Thomas

Here’s one Welshman who loves football

If Imogen Thomas looks familiar, that’s because you watched her on television every single day for around three months in 2006 – she was a member of the classic Big Brother house, which featured other big names like… um… the, err, woman with the hair… and [...]

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