Crystal Ball

The Spoiler’s 10 Premier League 2010/11 predictions

Yes, welcome back, Newcastle fans


Get really excited everyone – the Premier League is back! This is wonderful news, and hopefully a couple of decent weekends will blow away the awful cobwebs left behind by a very disappointing World Cup.

After the jump, you can enjoy ten predictions of things [...]

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Massive Downer

Board says NO to play-offs – thanks a lot, Big Four!

Look, but don’t touch, non-Big Fourers

Champions League

This year’s Premier League has been brilliant – one of the best campaigns ever – but it is an exception. As with the last however many years, next time around it should go back to usual.

The usual being the [...]

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Daily democracy

Vote: Where will Tottenham finish this season?

Is this another false dawn or the start of something special?

Jermain Defoe

At this stage of the season, Tottenham fans usually find themselves sobering up from their overly-ambitious pre-season projections of success, keen to hand their manager a hasty P45.

Not so in 2009/10. Spurs are off to [...]

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Contrary Opinion

Ten reasons why fantasy football is a waste of time

Why you should try to kick that statistical analysis addiction

Fantasy Football League If you flipped from six to midnight when Cesc Fabregas bagged two goals and two assists this weekend, chances are you have a fantasy football team and the Spaniard is your captain. Bully [...]

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Bitchy Comments

Ashley Cole tries to endear himself to Arsenal fans

Chelsea star hopes Man City finish above the Gunners

The Spoiler is quite aware that there is no love lost between Ashley Cole and Arsenal’s loyal fanbase, but we almost crashed our car this morning when we heard what the left-back had to say about the City Revolution:

“I think the players City are buying [...]

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