Wee Billy Davies a decent fit for the big job at Birmingham

Former Derby boss virtually comes with a play-off place guarantee


With the managerial merry-go-round hurtling around at such a pace that it’s more of a loop-the-loop rollercoaster, Birmingham – with their sketchy ownership situation and lack of funds – isn’t the ride’s most exhilarating seat.

Even so, their fans are entitled to be a bit disappointed with the calibre of candidates presented by the bookies. [...]

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Wolves to mark the darkest day in Internet history with a win



The Wikipedia genii have thought up a shrewd way to build support in their disgust at US Congress proposals which they say will see the Internet fall to pieces faster than Portsmouth after a takeover: show the world how screwed they are with no Wikipedia to turn to for might-be-true factoids.

Their 24-hour protest blackout [...]

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Wolves’ signing of relegated Roger Johnson is inspired

Defender has been part of solid backlines throughout his career

Roger Johnson

Four Premier League teams in the last six seasons have fallen foul of the dreaded second season syndrome, but Wolves’ narrow avoidance of that treacherous trap on the final day of 2010-11 provides hope of a sustained [...]

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legal action

Birmingham City are really not happy with Alex McLeish and Aston Villa

In simpler days…


Bloody hell, Birmingham City are not letting this one lie are they? If Alex McLeish and Aston Villa thought the signing of a contract this morning would be the end of the Battle of Birmingham, they’ve got another thing coming.

Here’s a terrifying statement posted on [...]

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Controversial news

Alex McLeish is in a whole world of trouble with Birmingham

The Villa lot don’t seem too happy either…


Workers rights is something The Spoiler feels passionately about so we’re a bit conflicted with the whole Alex McLeish quitting thing – if he wants to resign and go for another job then surely he should be able to?

HOWEVER! [...]

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Manager transfer news

McLeish needs to watch his back and McClaren has to drop down a level

The new Aston Villa boss…


Alex McLeish has put the cat amongst the pigeons, the fox in the hen house and the sh*t in the fan by leaving Birmingham – despite the Blues sticking by him after he somehow managed to get them relegated.

Even worse than that, he [...]

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