REVEALED! The teams who’ll be relegated from the Premier League

Get the accumulators on…


If you’re getting a bit impatient for the sure-to-be-thrilling final day of Premier League football this Sunday then fear not! The Spoiler has handily provided this final league table a full two days early.

We’ve conducted an in-depth (for The Spoiler) bit of research and [...]

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transfer talk

Transfer news: Birmingham sign new Mascherano

Bowyer, meet your new team mate

Bowyer and Michel

Yeah, load of games are getting cancelled, but do you want to know what kind of people never abandon their work stations, not even for a second? Journalists. Especially sports journalists writing about transfers for papers like The Telegraph, [...]

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The Babel Saga

Birmingham really want Babel… like REALLY want him

Is Babel Birmingham bound?

Ryan Babel

Regular users of eBay will be well aware of the headrush that comes from winning an auction. Even, frankly, if it’s not for an item that you particularly wanted/needed. There’s just something about bidding more and more money that makes you feel alive.

It doesn’t matter [...]

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Dry your eyes mate

Unhappy Liverpool stint almost over for Ryan Babel

Light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps?

Ryan Babel

As a toddler, there was no longer wait, no more growing anxiety, than expecting your mum to pick you up at the end of a long morning at playgroup, and finding her to be about six or seven minutes late. Needless to [...]

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Frank Queudrue reveals Birmingham’s team porno sessions

Apparently, the Blues doesn’t just refer to the shirts

Frank Queudrue reveals Birmingham’s team porno sessions Birmingham defender Frank Queudrue has given a very, erm, frank interview to a French magazine about his fondness for watching pornographic movies. But don’t worry – he only [...]

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