A list

A list of the top five final day dramas that have happened

Juninho – gutted he didn’t make the list


This Sunday looks set to be a bloody exciting end to the Premier League season – Wigan, Wolves, Birmingham, Blackpool and Blackburn can all still be relegated and will be battling their little hearts out to stay in the Premier League.


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Wolves chairman reckons Man Utd should be punished…

…When if they field a weakened team against Blackpool


Something like this was always going to happen at some point once the FA decided to give Wolves a suspended £25,000 fine for fielding a weakened team against Man Utd last season.

Now with Man Utd set to field the [...]

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A very straightforward but exciting poll!

Who will enjoy their fun day out at Wembley more?

They’re very excited…


The coaches have been booked, the parents have all filled out their permission slips and the pick and mix bought from Woolworths WHSmith. Everyone’s completely excited.

However, while one of Birmingham or Arsenal will take nothing but lovely memories and a souvenir pencil from their [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man United eye up Ashley Young, and other transfers…

Big night tonight. All over the country, shirts will be ironed, hair gelled and fashioned into a hot collection of clumps pointing in various different directions, and half of the planet will fall foul of drinking shots far too early. The rest of us will, of course, be sipping port and half-enjoying whichever former Comic [...]

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A brochure

A short guide for anyone looking to join Aston Villa…

It looks like PASTA!

Spaghetti Junction

As reported in today’s Daily Mail, Gerard Houllier has decreed it a total lack of commitment to sign for Aston Villa and NOT move to Birmingham.

With that in mind, The Spoiler thought it high time to throw together a few facts about Birmingham to [...]

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Nice Team

The greatest ever Aston Villa XI

Yeah, not bad…

Aston Villa

With this evening’s big local Carling Cup hoofing competition only hours away, The Spoiler’s resident Villa fan thought it high time to put together a team of greats.

No place for their 800trillion Gerard Houllier Dollars man, Ashley Young, and The Spoiler was particularly disappointed by [...]

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Lee Bowyer shouts revolting swear words at an old lady

Welcome back, Bowyer


It was most certainly a football weekend that turned back the clock. Firstly, Dimitar Berbatov started to look like a big deal again.

And then, Lee Bowyer thought that he’d remind everyone of the “old Lee Bowyer” by calling an old granny an effing c-word (or some [...]

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