Alexander Hleb got a character reference for Birmingham deal …from Fergie

Er… was Arsene Wenger’s mobile going to voicemail then?


Ex-Arsenal zombie Alexander Hleb‘s season-long move to Birmingham yesterday was only made possible after Brum gaffer Alex McLeish presented unconvinced work permit officials with a letter of recommendation – from Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Spoiler can only assume that, by [...]

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News in brief

Carr’s in trouble, Barca want Steven Taylor…

Steven Taylor – sitting on a wall

Steven Taylor

Those who like their sport to come with a glamourous showbiz sheen will have been blown away by pictures of David Beckham’s little ones playing AMERICAN football today. It’s all over the news. So much so, that some people have forgotten [...]

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Erm, yeah, we’ll have Joe Hart back now, suggest Man City

Hart – coming or going? He doesn’t know.

Joe Hart

Ahh, the old give/borrow conundrum – everyone’s been there. Banks are particularly studied in the art of making a lend feel like a gift, as they woo you into accepting a bundle of cash, before suddenly turning on you [...]

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News in brief

Old face returning to United, trouble at Liverpool…

 Everyone, this is Owen… Owen… Everyone

Owen Hargreaves

Of course, the big news today is that Jordan has married another man – this time, the one with the botched up ears that look like big discarded tea bags. You know, the fighty bloke who suffered daily humiliation at the [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: New strikers for Arsenal and Birmingham

Say “bonjour”, Arsenal fans…

Loic Remy

With the football grapevine all aflutter with talk of dodgy sexual goings-on, and promises of shocking weekend revelations, The Spoiler‘s eyes and ears are refusing to shift from the transfer window – a past time that has come to resemble one of [...]

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