Five reasons to love Blackburn fans’ vitriol sponge Steve Kean

He’s bald, he grins, he’s (ever so gradually) racking up the wins...


What was your highlight of the weekend? The epic at the Liberty Stadium? Millwall shipping six at the Den? Barcelona finally conceding at home? For Whiteboard, it was Blackburn escaping the relegation zone, on account of a growing infatuation for Steve Kean. Why? Let’s have a look…

Optimism The difference between confidence and delusion – [...]

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Blackburn fans are picking on the easy target in Steve Kean

You what? We’re agreeing with Redknapp? Oh well, let’s do it...


The rules have admittedly changed a bit in recent years as unnecessary booing at matches has risen about 1462%, yet the general consensus regarding football fandom was always that a lack of effort rather than a lack of talent was worthy of derision.

And if that is a generally accepted argument for players, shouldn’t the [...]

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REVEALED! The teams who’ll be relegated from the Premier League

Get the accumulators on…


If you’re getting a bit impatient for the sure-to-be-thrilling final day of Premier League football this Sunday then fear not! The Spoiler has handily provided this final league table a full two days early.

We’ve conducted an in-depth (for The Spoiler) bit of research and [...]

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Funny funeral

Make a date in your diary for the Preston North End funeral!

It’s hard to find appropriate pictures of a funeral…


The Spoiler has a favourite poem. It’s by John Cooper Clarke and it’s a haiku. It goes:

To convey one’s mood In seventeen syllables Is very diffic

We always remember this poem and apply its teachings to everyday life. There [...]

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Monomaniacal Man

Sam Allardyce blames Arsene Wenger for his rubbish football reputation

Rubbish Shirt, Sam…


Remember when Arsene Wenger was first appointed Arsenal boss? Remember the whole ‘Bloody foreign managers, ay? Coming here and taking the jobs of good ol’ British managers and being rude and snotty about it. Discussing things like ‘tactics’ and other fancy concepts’?

Remember? REMEMBER?! Well it [...]

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