Is Sam Allardyce on a Joaquin Phoenix-style wind-up?

It’s either that or crack. Lots and lots of crack.


If you like to balance the low-brow nonsense you read on The Spoiler with high brow artsy stuff like ‘going to the cinema’, you may already know of “I’m Still Here“, a mockumentary based on actor Joaquin Phoenix’s (staged…?) [...]

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Newcastle passed on Zidane, thank you very much

Zidane – rejected

Zinedine Zidane 

Everyone makes mistakes. Eastenders, for example, featured SNOW last night – an error that either suggests an intriguing micro-climate that exists in East London, or simply dismantles any suspension of disbelief, leaving even the most hardened viewers very suddenly aware that they are just watching [...]

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Spoiler XI

The Spoiler’s “Two stints at one club” XI

Including a certain Chuckle Brother…

Ian Rush

With Sol Campbell back at Arsenal, it got The Spoiler to thinking about all of the players who have returned to their old clubs for another stab at the big time. Below is a compiled team of those who couldn’t quite put the past [...]

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Carling Cup Update

Manchester City to meet United in Carling Cup Semi

Great-ish news for Tevez

Carlos Tevez 

After teaching Arsene Wenger that it’s probably unwise to send kids out to play a man’s game, City went on to score big on the Carling Cup semi-final draw - they’ve got their friendly red neighbours at home.

The Arsenal younglings battled pretty well for the most [...]

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Which one player would you poach from… Blackburn Rovers?

Use your vote wisely…


The scenario: You’re the manager of a Premier League team, and you’re allowed to strengthen your squad by signing just one player in the January transfer window. But you can only choose someone from Paul Ince’s Rovers – so who do you pick?

Your options: [...]

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Football Team

The Spoiler’s Prodigal Son XI

These men just couldn’t stay away…

Prodigal Son XI

In the biblical tale of the Prodigal Son, a young man ventures to the big city to fill up on wine and hookers before going home to lead a normal domestic life as an accountant, or something. In some [...]

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