Blackburn star forgets pledging his future to the club

Santa Cruz wants to join Robinho at Manchester City

Roque Santa Cruz

Back in August it appeared almost certain that after an incredible debut season in England where he scored nineteen league goals, Roque Santa Cruz would leave Blackburn for either Arsenal, Manchester City or Manchester United.

However, [...]

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Joyful Geordies?

Naked chests await sunlight this Saturday at St James’ Park

If you look closely enough, it’s not all bad


Newcastle haven’t won a game for a month now, they don’t have a permanent manager – damn it, even Terry Venables doesn’t want anything to do with them. But are things really so bad up at St James’ Park? Like, [...]

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Terrifying News

Why sorry Spurs can’t win a league game before Christmas

It’s all gone a bit Pete Rubbish

Juande Ramos

Oh dear, it was all looking so promising. The young Dos Santos chap, that Modric bloke – these guys were world beaters, damn it! But now Spurs are languishing at the bottom of the table, and after an in-depth [...]

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So tired

Premier League: Old Man XI

WARNING! Some of these men are old enough to be your brother…


At 66-years-old, Sir Alex Ferguson still knows how to ruffle some feathers and get some backs up. Just this morning he studied the horizon to make sure Scholes and Giggs were out of earshot, [...]

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Transfer Talk

Big Hleb AND Alonso news!

All of today’s transfers, just for you…


And so Big Brother kicks off again tonight, supposedly featuring a whopping sixteen new faces for you to fantasise about destroying/licking. All of them are sure to have one thing in common – their friends describe them as “wacky” or “bubbly”, or [...]

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Come Again?

Hughes goes to Man City – why?

Has someone been sniffing a bit of glue?


With his soft voice and white hair, Mark Hughes has the look of a thoughtful gentleman – the kind of man who makes informed decisions about jobs. It’s all quite a transformation from the days when he was a sturdy centre-forward [...]

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