Five bold, probably misguided, Championship predictions

Nigel Pearson, the best Championship Manager since 2001-02

Nigel Pearson

Neither West Ham nor Leicester will win it

Both have assured bosses, big wallets and have spent well, but the distance between them and the chasing pack in the betting is staggering for a division famed for chewing up big clubs. West Ham started their last Championship stint with England internationals in tow and wound [...]

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Previously on Football...

The Spoiler awards – Biggest Mistake of the Season

Faces for the radio…


This season hasn’t all been great goals and magic matches and stuff like that. Unfortunately, there have also been plenty of things happening that shouldn’t have happened.

In fact, there have been so many things that have gone wrong this season past, that The [...]

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REVEALED! The teams who’ll be relegated from the Premier League

Get the accumulators on…


If you’re getting a bit impatient for the sure-to-be-thrilling final day of Premier League football this Sunday then fear not! The Spoiler has handily provided this final league table a full two days early.

We’ve conducted an in-depth (for The Spoiler) bit of research and [...]

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A list

A list of the top five final day dramas that have happened

Juninho – gutted he didn’t make the list


This Sunday looks set to be a bloody exciting end to the Premier League season – Wigan, Wolves, Birmingham, Blackpool and Blackburn can all still be relegated and will be battling their little hearts out to stay in the Premier League.


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Wolves chairman reckons Man Utd should be punished…

…When if they field a weakened team against Blackpool


Something like this was always going to happen at some point once the FA decided to give Wolves a suspended £25,000 fine for fielding a weakened team against Man Utd last season.

Now with Man Utd set to field the [...]

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Funny funeral

Make a date in your diary for the Preston North End funeral!

It’s hard to find appropriate pictures of a funeral…


The Spoiler has a favourite poem. It’s by John Cooper Clarke and it’s a haiku. It goes:

To convey one’s mood In seventeen syllables Is very diffic

We always remember this poem and apply its teachings to everyday life. There [...]

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