Plane crazy

Blackpool fans classily mock Pretson. Brown not happy

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Everyone loves Blackpool, don’t they? Their attacking football, their funny coloured kit, their manager and his completely off the cuff remarks that he churns out to the national media while ALLEGEDLY being a complete knob to everyone else… Great aren’t [...]

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Satying put

Amazingly enough, Holloway isn’t going to quit Blackpool

Ian Holloway – gutted


Remember when you’d threaten to run away if your mum made you eat broccoli, but then she’d make you eat it anyway and you’d decide, actually, I’ve got it pretty good here despite the broccoli eating. But then you’d pack your bag anyway just to [...]

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Holloway is going to make lots of cash out of Adam sale

Is the mask slipping? Is there a mask? Hmm…


And Hmm… again. The plot thickens. Apparently there is a sell-on clause in the contract of players Ian Holloway buys for Blackpool, meaning the cheeky chappy stands to pocket a percentage of the profits when the player is sold [...]

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A poll!

Is Fergie right? Is Holloway manager of the year?

A cheeky chappy


So, Sir Alex Ferguson has waded into a debate nobody was having by claiming Ian Holloway is this season’s top boss.

He said: “At this present moment in time, Blackpool would be my team of the year and Ian Holloway would be my manager of [...]

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Betting Information

Not sure what to do with your money? Let Andy Gray advise…

“Who let Ruddock in here?”

Andy Gray

Should you be one of the sorry many who threw the kitchen sink at the World Cup bid, now might be the time to start that winning streak that has been evading you for so long.

Word has it that Andy Gray [...]

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