Aston Villa top the Premiership owners’ league

Cheer up James, at least you have the league’s best board

James Milner

Things may a little bit pony on the pitch for Aston Villa right now, but according to a study published today, Martin O’Neill’s side are top of the league when it comes to their owners and [...]

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Arsenal look to the MLS for their latest signing

Gunners hoping to fill chief executive role with MLS man

Ivan Gazidis

Earlier this year, Arsenal welcomed Colorado Rapids owner Stan Kroenke to the board, and the club also appear to be poaching their new chief executive from the MLS.

Deputy Commissioner Ivan Gazidis (pictured above) joined the [...]

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Uh Oh

Mark Hughes receives the managerial kiss of death

When the board support a manager, time is short…

Mark Hughes

Observe the following pattern:

Former West Ham chairman Eggert Magnusson on November 21, 2006:

“I will also be continuing talks with Alan Pardew on how he sees the future on the playing side. This is very [...]

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Money Matter$

Arsenal welcome American billionaire to the board

‘Silent Stan’ given a voice at the Emirates

Stan Kroenke

Arsenal this morning confirmed that American billionaire Stan Kroenke – the gent on the right in the picture above – has been invited onto the board to take a non-executive director role. The owner of the the MLS’ Colorado [...]

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