Posh walkman alert!

Roll up, roll up, get your golden Bobby Moore iPods!

These guys know what they’ll be doing during the World Cup

Campbell and Cole

Your typical football fan likes three things: football, gold, and gadgets. So, close your eyes, and imagine for a second if you will, a golden iPod with Bobby Moore’s signature on it. Can you [...]

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Movie News

Vinnie Jones and Becksie to remake classic football movie!

Boy could these guys act! (Clue: no)

Pele and Bobby Moore

For those who haven’t seen the 1981 football masterpiece, Escape To Victory, you’re really missing out on something quite special.

One of the finest football movies of all time – which isn’t as big a compliment as [...]

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World Cup Fever

The Spoiler’s Greatest Ever World Cup XI

Yeah, not bad…

World Cup XI

From now until the end of time, people will debate the greatest ever World Cup players, and attempt to come up with the perfect team. Fights will break out, relationships will hit the rocks, old women will be arrested in supermarkets [...]

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Something Swishy

Great football moments interpreted by ballet

That’s right, things just got macho… 

Football Ballet

Fans of Billy Elliot can appreciate that even tough guys do ballet. It’s not all prancing about in tights, these people are athletes. So much so, that when  a squadron of English ballerinas decided to take it upon themselves to create [...]

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