Anelka and Drogba hate each other, suggests Kevin Davies

Ahh, the good old days

Anelka and Drogba

If Hollywood has taught the world anything, it’s that people don’t necessarily have to get on well to get the job done. Look at Maverick and Ice Man in Top Gun – those guys couldn’t stand each other, but [...]

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News in brief

Johnson’s bad knee, Roman’s millions, Beckham’s tears…

David Beckham – emotional

David Beckham 

Whilst the majority of the planet busily arranges an evening of unbelievable binge drinking, hand holding, singing of old songs, and drunkenly attempting to tongue kiss as many people as possible just because it’s midnight and you’re a bit horny, important sports journalists [...]

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Top Ten

The worst value for money players in the Premiership

The stars who have failed to live up to their transfer fees

Andriy Shevchenko

As the folks who ploughed their cash into the Sega Saturn, Minidiscs and HD-DVDs will testify, sometimes smart investments don’t quite work out. With this in mind, Spoiler correspondent Joe Thompson has compiled a list [...]

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