Bordeaux’s Yoan Gouffran diagnosed with grass allergy

You’ll never see this man going to ground easily


French winger Yoan Gouffran has been packed off to a specialist after discovering he’s allergic to an important part of the beautiful game – grass.

Unfortunately for 24-year-old Yoan, only two of the clubs in Ligue 1 use synthetic pitches. [...]

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Crystal Ball

Not long to go, make your Champions League predictions!

The Chaaaampionzzz… da da da dah!

Champions League 

The Spoiler readers have proved rather wonderful at predicting football tournament draws. Last time around, both the United head-to-head with AC Milan, and Chelsea’s with Inter were both called in advance. So, let’s try again!

Who would you like to see [...]

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Great Goals

The best Champions League goal last night

Tres bon indeed

Bordeaux’s Michael Ciani had already sliced the ball into his own net to give Bayern an early lead, but twenty minutes later, the big centre half [...]

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