Profit from Argentina and Brazil failure at Copa America

A slow start is affordable in the competition with very few losers

Brazil and Argentina’s group stage performances

The Copa America gets underway in the early hours of Saturday morning and the odd format of the group stage, which sees eight of the 12 participating [...]

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Bold claim

Javier Hernandez’s career is all downhill from here

Only recently, things were looking pretty good for Javier Hernandez – Manchester United are apparently doubling his wages and he’s probably going to pick up a Premier League title tomorrow.

But then things took a turn for the dreadful when Pele – a man predominantly famous for making outrageously wrong predictions – said this:

“There [...]

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Good news

Neymar banana throwing nonsense was ‘not racist’

Neymar, innit?


So, it turns out the git who threw the banana at Neymar in Brazil’s 2-0 win over Scotland wasn’t being racist at all – just an absolute tool.

The Metropolitan Police and Arsenal have investigated the matter and reckon there’s nothing more to be done after a [...]

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