Crystal Ball

The Spoiler’s 10 Premier League 2010/11 predictions

Yes, welcome back, Newcastle fans


Get really excited everyone – the Premier League is back! This is wonderful news, and hopefully a couple of decent weekends will blow away the awful cobwebs left behind by a very disappointing World Cup.

After the jump, you can enjoy ten predictions of things [...]

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Leg Break!

Fabregas makes self-diagnosis, and some uplifting news

Puyol breaks Cesc’s leg… or not

Puyol and Fabregas

A high ranking member of The Spoiler team is frequently reminded by his mother about the time he casually wandered into the kitchen to inform her that he’d just fallen over outside and might have broken his legs. He [...]

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Bad fans

Villa fans revive the art of the heartless taunt

Arsenal’s feelings trampled by provincial poetry

Aston Villa Fans

Aston Villa fans amused themselves at the Emirates on Saturday by performing some songs on the subject of Eduardo’s almost losing his foot the previous week. Our Arsenal witnesses claimed they were unable to decipher the precise lyrical content [...]

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