The 10 most exciting players at the World Cup… for now

Yes, meet three of them

Ronaldo Kaka and Messi

Of course, a World Cup can make footballers, break footballers, or simply uncover magnificent attacking talent, and over the next few weeks one or two names will surely be introduced into the global vernacular.

In England [...]

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Portsmouth player claims Defoe and Johnson are leaving

Reserve right-back decides to unsettle his teammates and fans

Jermain Defoe and Glen Johnson

In case you weren’t aware, former Arsenal defender Lauren is still at Portsmouth and while he hasn’t started a league game since April, he is still available to perform the service [...]

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Mad Skills

Video: Barcelona discover the new Ronaldo

Fat Brazilian to be replaced by newer model

The chap with the quick feet and strong aversion to passing the ball in the clip above goes by the name Alain Richard Ebwelle. The wunderkind is from Cameroon, [...]

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Africa Cup of Nations

See Andre Bikey’s medic shove

The Cameroon player’s minute of madness could cost him a winner’s medal


In case you missed it last night, here’s Andre Bikey‘s unusual reaction to teammate Rigobert Song’s medical treatment [...]

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Egypt to retain Africa Cup of Nations

The best sports on’t telebox this weekend

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As first and second favourites Ghana and the Ivory Coast to dropped out of the Africa Cup of Nations yesterday, my wallet became lighter and a certain member of Cameroon’s medical staff lost a little bit of [...]

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Anyone fancy a Ghana/ Ivory Coast final?

The best sports on the telebox tonight

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The bookies fancy the hosts and the favourites to meet in the Africa Cup of Nations final this Sunday, but the former must defeat a strong Cameroon team, while the latter must overcome current holders Egypt. Read [...]

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