News in brief

A double whammy of Premier League leg break news…

“I think it’s broken…” (it’s not)

Luka Modric 

Of course, showbusiness desks all over the country are awash with the sounds of delighted squealing and nervously spilt cappuccinos today, after Robbie Williams managed to share a stage with Gary Barlow, without braining him on live television.

Well done, or whatever. Anyway, [...]

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Cursed Wine Bar News

Rooney would be wise to stay away from jinxed nightclub

Panacea nightclub – popular amongst housewives?


Fans of Greek mythology will already be well aware that Panacea was the goddess of healing. But did you know that she is also a popular Manchester wine bar which Wayne Rooney would be very wise to avoid in future?

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Pick Your Team

Who should start for England against the USA?

Wazza – go it alone?

Wayne Rooney

Not long to go now, and still the debates are raging about who should line up for England in their first World Cup outing. As things stand, no one knows who will be in goal, it’s between Carragher and King [...]

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