Weekend Update

Real’s new managerial shortlist, Cesc to Man City…

Plus, these guys look to be sodding off

Hicks and Gillett

And so the sun decided to come out for the weekend, giving rise to a wholly unnecessary carnival atmosphere. Even the most microscopic areas of roadside grass were awash with men and women gently folding salami [...]

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News in brief

Donovan wants to stay, new Man City target, and more…

Landon – not to be confused with a cockney saying “London”

Landon Donovan 

Hollyoaks fans are probably still reeling over the news that ELEVEN characters are going to be wiped out by the new hatchet man in charge. And yet none of them appear to be “Tony” – he’s like a [...]

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One for Belarus

The Spoiler’s England XI

No more square pegging into round holes…

Team v Belarus

It’s only taken five thousand eight hundred and fifty games for everyone to twig that Lampsie and Gerrard simply can’t stand one another so would rather spend the game falling over, slicing the ball, or simply staring mindlessly [...]

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Lessons learned from Saturday’s horror show

Another England match, another rubbish evening…

Lampsie and Steve

The scoreline flattered to deceive, England were horrendous against Kazakhstan. Barely a decent string of passes were strung, and half of the players had the look of men who’d rather be anywhere else other than playing at home for [...]

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