Brekkin' The Law

David Bentley arrested for drink driving

Tottenham star continues to sabotage his career

David Bentley

David Bentley and his delightfully punchable face found themselves in trouble with the law in the early hours of Wednesday morning, as the Tottenham star was charged with drink driving.

After enjoying a concert by Oasis-AC/DC hybrid Jet [...]

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Vandalism News

Arsenal fans show their appreciation for Adebayor

Manu’s car gets some unwelcome attention

A snippet from our friends at Popbitch:

Emmanuel Adebayor may not be winning the Arsenal fans player of the year award. He parked his car outside a North London pub popular with the club’s fans last week and came back to find it in something of a [...]

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Hot Wheels

Stephen Ireland denies ownership of rubbish car

Republic of Ireland star finally explains the sexy pink 4×4

Stephen Ireland’s pimped ride

In order to publicise his “journey from ridicule to respect,” The Daily Mail have published a feature on allegedly respectable Manchester City star Stephen Ireland.

Lead by a picture of the [...]

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